Kristina (kickasselfgirl) wrote,

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Rant #12

I SWEAR TO GOD THAT IF I COULD I WOULD KILL ANY FRESHMEN THAT I COULD! THEY ARE JUST SO INCONSIDERATE OF OTHER PEOPLE AND THEY THINK THAT THEY KNOW EVERYTHING! I am serious. I take a students paper because they were cheating and he will not shut up about it and he thinks that I am wrong and he is right. HELLO! He has a history of cheating in this class! He did something that looked like cheating, so I can only assume that he was cheating! If I was wrong then I was wrong. People make mistakes. And he should know that he shouldn't do anything that could be construded as cheating! DUMBASS!

I swear, it is students like that, that make me reconsider majoring in education. Maybe I will major in business or something without idiot children!
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