Kristina (kickasselfgirl) wrote,

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If you want to friend me comment here and tell me why you think we are going to be good friends. I have a lot of personal enteries and a lot of nonsensical ones as well. I try to comment on everyones journal, though sometimes I don't do so well. Other than that, I am a really nice person and I try to be as nice as I can on everyones journal. I love having friends and I would be more than happy to have more.

Still want to be my friend?

krissicons~ My icon journal
ngraphix~ My friend ronniekins77's icon journal.
swiconstillness~ Modded by me
natalieicontest~ Co-modded by me
padanistillness~ Co-modded by me
towtheicontest~ Co-modded by me
charmcontest~ Co-modded by me
narniacaststill~ Co-modded by me
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